CAM-tastic Stories highlights the journeys of our CAM students in a brief narrative fashion.

“Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and meet new people. It’s harder than it sounds but you could miss out on great friendships.” Olivia McDaniel offers this suggestion for incoming students at Southeastern University. Olivia is a senior at SEU and is majoring in public relations. Graduating in April, she looks back at her time at SEU with positivity. “I think Southeastern University has helped me learn how to stay organized and create good habits for myself. I see myself working in an office helping with events and social media content after I graduate, but the end goal is to work at a wedding venue in an event manager’s position.” While Olivia has made the most of her time in the classroom, she is also actively involved on campus in a leadership position as the resident Assistant for the Esperanza dorms. “My favorite part of my time at Southeastern has been being involved in leadership and living with best friends.”
– story by Emilia Pombo

“It is truly amazing to work with people who are so passionate about music,” says Brandon Pasquence, a junior at Southeastern University, who has been elected as Parliamentarian in the Florida Chapter of the National Association of Music Education. “This position has helped me realize that the process is just as important as the product.” Brandon is one of three SEU students who have been elected to serve NAfME. “My responsibilities are to become an expert on interpreting and applying Robert’s Rules of Order to all of our meetings as well as to give advice regarding parliamentary procedure.” Brandon attributes his success to what he learned at SEU. “The concept of servant leadership has changed my mindset on being a leader by shifting my focus towards serving and lifting others to a higher level.” Brandon offers this advice for students who are considering elected positions: “Know your stuff and have a thirst for knowledge.”
– story by Emilia Pombo

The College of Arts & Media at Southeastern University is pleased to announce the launch of our first master’s degree, the Master of Arts in the Art of Design Management. This program, opening in the fall of 2021, will utilize a variety of instructional delivery mechanisms including in-person, online, or hybrid modules.

The M.A. in the Art of Design Management, requiring 36 credit-hours to complete, is purposed to bridge the current skill gap in regard to corporate professionals: the need for an individual that can balance the corporate vision, the community, the stakeholders, and the corporate bottom-line at all levels of decision-making and leadership in an organization. The Master of Arts in the Art of Design Management will graduate professionals that can innovate and create unity in the world of business, the arts, or both. Today’s workplace demands skilled decision makers that can not only thrive in the world of business, but also harness creative problem solving and analytical skills as only an artist can. Designed with the visionary thinker in mind, the coursework consists of studies in the principles of art and business as well as design, communications, leadership, team building, finance, accounting, and marketing.

In short, the MAADM offers a hybrid of analytical business skills and the type of problem solving skills that can only come from grounding in the arts.

The Master of Arts in the Art of Design Management will equip students with the ability to unite vision with practical application for any artistic organization or business entity in which they find themselves. With studies in both business and the arts, students will learn the skills that are vital to both disciplines in order to bring innovation, vision, and organizational efficiency to any venture – entrepreneurial or otherwise – of which they are a part. This program is for the professional that desires to blend the creative and the corporate; to be a driver of innovation and unity. Whether leading an organization outright or leading as a member of a team, the graduate of this program will be a dynamic individual that understands the higher-level thought processes required to be a liaison between the primary message and the bottom line.

Core courses consist of business and art foundations, quantitative and qualitative problem solving, drawing, leadership, mass and interpersonal communication, observation and reasoning, finance, economics, and management. The emphasis of the course work is in practical application and hands-on experience to build professionals that can organize, innovate, and empower on the macro and micro levels of an arts organization or business entity.