Professor Brian Blume joined the CAM community in 2013. A percussionist, composer, and educator, he has served as a percussionist with a variety of organizations, including the Taute Symphony Orchestra and the Lafayette Symphony. In 2012, he performed in the Super Bowl alongside Kelly Clarkson, Madonna, CeeLo Green, and others. Professor Blume works with percussionists in public and private high schools. As an example of this, he recently composed pieces for Kent City High School in Kent City, Missouri and Bartow High School in Bartow, Florida.

This past summer, Professor Blume was commissioned by the Indiana University Percussion Ensemble to compose a piece of music to be premiered at the percussive arts society international convention on November 17, 2018, in Indianapolis. The eight-minute piece is entitled, “Under the Influence” and is scored for six players. He was also commissioned by Stuart Langsam at the University of Oklahoma to compose a solo for snare drum with electronic accompaniment. The piece will be premiered in spring of 2019.

Professor Blume published an article in the August issue of the Florida Music Director, entitled “The Inherent Value of the Marching Arts.” He was also a guest on the podcast called “@ percussion.” This podcast episode was released on May 31, 2018 and is widely available through YouTube and all major podcast apps.

Professor Blume’s debut album, Let It Snow, released in November 2012. Find it on iTunes by clicking here.

For more information on faculty in the Department of Music within the College of Arts & Media, including Professor Blume, click here.

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